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Hi! Welcome to our office web site.
If we haven’t already met you, we look forward to talking to you in the future.

If you have been referred to our office, you probably have a few questions. If you don’t see the answers here or in other places in our web site, just let us know. Communication is a huge part of what we do - communicating with you and with the dental or medical professional who referred you to us.

Welcoming Dr. Ryan Harbertson to our office in April 2012. Dr. Harbertson is originally from Salt Lake City and graduated from Dental School at Creighton University and completed Periodontal Residency at the University of Oklahoma.

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This is our staff

We come from all areas, but many of us grew up here. Most of us are parents - and one of us has 13 grandchildren - and counting. Four of us are veterans, including two of the dental assistants, one of whom is a veteran not only of the US Navy, but also the US Air Force.

One of us plays golf, one likes bike riding, and one is a speed-skating grandma who does long distance races. We have young families and not-so-young families, interests and hobbies that pretty much run the gamut. One of the major things we have in common is you - and our interest in providing you the best possible care.
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